The Garter Snake

Garter snake, also referred to as the “Gardener snake” generally belongs to the Natricine species of snake and it is native to North America. The snake can be found in some sub-arctic regions of Canada and the state of Massachusetts in US has officially regarded as the official reptile of the state. Garter snake is closely related to the water snake that is also found in North America and South America.

Garter snake is characterized by a narrow head, and it has an average body size while its length can extend u to 120cm. The Male specie is often larger than the female specie. The Garter snake has a body characterized by light brown color surrounded by smaller dark patches. The eastern Garter snake is predominantly black in color.

Garter snakes love to hibernate in large a group, that’s why it is easy to collect them. Large Garter snakes are frequently collected where there is pollution of aquatic lives. The snake is venomous in nature and it can kill its prey with one single strike. The snake is more active after the Hibernation months of August and October

Life cycle
The life cycle of the Garter snake is about 20 years. However, it is one of the most endangered species in the world and many of its offspring usually die at child birth or within few hours or days after being born. The Brumation season allows males to prepare for the mating season, and during the mating season, several males mate with females at once.

Garter snake has a wide distribution due to its varied diets; however it is native to North America. The snake possesses the ability to adapt quickly to diverse habitats, especially when the habitat is close to water. The snake is quite aquatic in nature, but can be found in large numbers in woodlands, forests, lawns, grasslands, and fields. The snake can also be found close to streams and ponds and they enjoy consuming small amphibians as diets.

Like most other snakes, Garter snake is Carnivorous in nature, and it can consume any animal it can subdue. Some of its commonest preys include; leeches, lizards, earthworms, slugs, crickets, ants, minnows, toads, frog, smaller snakes and even aquatic animals. Garter snakes particularly love to eat frogs, and can swallow their foods whole. Sometimes they feed on eggs but prefer to consume life animals

Garter snakes are known to communicate through Phenomenal communication ways, this means they can easily detect other snakes by smelling their pheromone scents. Male pheromones smell differently from the females, however, the male garter often produces both male and female pheromones. Mating balls of 25 males per female are often formed, and a typical female Garter can store the male sperm in its body for several years before fertilization.

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