Will the city or county animal services help with a snake issue?

City or country services are there to not only enforce laws that are designed to protect domestic pet animals and citizen. These laws are very important as they help in nurturing heath relationship between public and pet animals. Most of these animal services receive around 900 requests for services every year. These reports include animal bites, aggressive dogs, animal abuse and dogs in custody. These animal services also give out the licenses that are required to keep pet animals.

These animal services also provide shelter to the homeless animals. They have the ability to take action against these animals in order to protect the general public. The services try to protect us from all kind of aggressive animals however, their protection is limited. They might protect us from dogs, cats, different kind of insects but only few services have the ability to protect general public for dangerous animals like snake. The key thing to remember is that not all snakes are venomous, most of these snakes are non-venomous. The snakes without poison are not aggressive in-fact they are afraid of you. Some of these snakes are great climbers and they tend to get in your attics in search of food.

Many a time’s people inquire whether or not the country animal service will protect them from the snake that is present in their house. Will they remove the snake and take action in order to prevent future penetration of the snakes, but the service say they don’t have the required tools. Thus, they can’t help in removing the snakes.

The few services that provide the facility of removing the snake tell you to stay calm once you have encountered a snake. Getting panic isn’t going to help you, on the contrary, it will make the snake feel threatened and it might get aggressive. Also, don’t try to pull some heroic act such as killing the snake on your own. There is well defined process that you need to know before you take on this dangerous animal. You won’t want to get bitten just because you thought you can take him on. In-case someone is bitten by the snake, it is important that you describe the snake to the animal service representative as this would help them prepare the required anti-venom.

Since some countries pronounce snakes as service animals, thus these snakes have rights too. People are allowed to take them around in public despite the fact that most of the general public is afraid of these snakes. People tend to love these snakes, they kiss them, play with them. Some even go to extend of wrapping the snake around their neck.

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