What animals catch and kill snakes?

Having a snake around your house can be life threatening. Also, you can’t kill a snake if you are not professionally trained to do so. Then what should you do? How to get rid of the snakes that are having a good time on your property? The easiest and most efficient way is to keep a pet that is draggers drawn with the snake. There are many animals that have the ability to kill a snake either for sport or for hunting. Below we have listed some of the animals that are considered to be the biggest enemies of a snake.


We know it’s difficult to believe that such a small and fragile looking animal has the ability to kill one of the world’s most feared animal. And you would be surprised to know that a hedgehog can kill a snake very quickly. Since a viper can’t see thus it uses the technique of attack and retreat. The hedgehog knows that a snake can’t see so when the snake strikes it opens up its armor of spines. Each attack on this armor results in not only instigating the snake further but also injuries it. Once the snake is so injured that it loses its ability to strike, the hedgehog comes out of its armors and bites the snake on the head. It repeats this procedure until the snake is dead. The animal starts eating the snake from its head and the process of eating last for hours because hedgehog does not have big teeth.

Honey Badger

The next in our list is ratels. They are known for their ability to kill a snake. Honey Badger grabs the viper from behind. It holds him down by capturing its head from behind and then kills it with its powerful jaws. The best part of these ratels is that they are immune to some of the venoms for example, a cobra venom does not affect them. Whereas, this same venom can kill a human as it paralyzes them and destroy their respiratory system. Humans tend to die because of suffocation.


Mongooses have a unique way of killing the snake. They first capture snake’s attention using their eyes, this makes the snake immobile and then they quickly jump on them. The fight between the snake and mongooses is very rapid, it involves high jumps and a lot of tossing around. The mongoose is not immune to the snake venom, but its thick coat stop the penetration of the venom. Once the snake is killed, the mongoose leaves it until he is well again. If the mongoose is lucky it takes few hours to recover.

Some other animals that can kill a snake include secretary birds, eagles, armadillos and other snakes.

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