What to do when you find a nest of snakes

Snakes usually breed and lay eggs. Like most living organisms that give birth to offspring, they look to keep their offspring in s secure place where they can develop and with time, come out of their shells, in this case the eggs. Snakes usually place their eggs in nests and these nests can be formed in places where the snake sees as most conducive. It is usually in a grassy area, hidden from predators and humans who might destroy the eggs. The nest must also be warm enough to provide the eggs with ample temperature to enhance their development.

Sometimes people usually find these snake nests in their back yard or across the road in grassy areas where the snakes are located. The dilemma actually comes in when some people cannot actually distinguish snake eggs from other animal eggs. They therefore do not know how to handles such situations. Some people actually know what snake eggs and nests look like and most of the times come across them. They usually also do not know what to do once they discover these nests.

Here are the steps to take or stuff to do once you find or discover a snake nest in your backyard or in an area near your house:

  • Leave the nest alone first. This is a very important precaution that many people tend to ignore. The mother snake is usually near the nest. Even if you do not see it around, it might have gone to ensure that there are no predators around. So, once you encounter a snake nest, leave it at first. Confirm if the mother snake is anywhere around the backyard before you go touching the eggs. Mother snakes are usually very violent when it comes to protecting their offspring.
  • If you are a snake lover, try to identify where the parent snake might be. Some snakes lay eggs and leave the nest open. The parent snake might have lost the direction to its nest. Find it and take it back to its eggs.
  • If your county has animal protection services installed. Contact them. Animal protection services are the kind of companies that rehabilitate animals of different kinds. They might know what to do with the snake eggs in the nest. The nest might also have snakes that have hatched from their eggs.

Do not be fooled that baby snakes are harmless. They have the same attributes as their parents. They can be equally dangerous if they have venom.

The above descriptions are some of the actions you can take once you find a snake nest in your backyard, lawn or in an area near your house.

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