Are snakes good pets?

here are different types of snakes that have habitats in different parts of the world. These snakes have colour variation mainly brought about by interbreeding between snake species. Though there is the assumption that all snakes are dangerous, most of the snakes that are found in forests or in wild areas have no harm to humanity at all. Snakes actually try their best to flee whenever they see a predator or a human who can cause harm to it. However, there are some portions of snake species that are actually dangerous. These are about 5% of the whole snake species. They are rarely found in open grounds. In case the dangerous lot of snakes is found, people usually extract their venom for medicinal purposes, creating more fear for the snakes to flee whenever they see a human being. The real question is, do snakes make good pets? Are they the sort of animals that can be left to roam around the house whenever they want? Are they comfortable to be around? Do they pose a threat to young children and to the whole family as a whole?

The answer is YES. Snake do make good pets. They possess all the attributes of a good pet. Here is why snakes can make good pets:

  • They are not difficult to keep- Snakes apparently are the easiest animals to keep. If you do your research properly you will realize that snakes do not require much like the other pets and you will find it very easy coping with one.
  • They do not consume a lot of time. Unlike other pets like dogs and cats, snakes do not require supreme attention. If you only give it what is right for the day like food, the rest of the maintenance the snake can do by itself.
  • Snakes are never in need of large space. Other pets like dogs and cats require that you provide them with a pace large enough for their movement and actions. For a snake however, only a good cage is required since they can coil up inside their cages. There is no human who develops allergies towards snakes. Snakes do not give off any dander from their bodies therefore there is no risk of acquiring allergies once a person comes into contact with them.
  • Snakes are cheap to keep. Snakes feed are one of the cheapest animal feeds around. The good thing about it is that snakes eat once a week. The larger the snake, the larger the food amount but most people keep small snakes therefore the food will be cheap.

There are several other reasons why a snake can be a very good pet but the ones described above are the prime ones.

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