What does snake feces look like? Where is it found?

Snakes are literally worldwide, cold blooded serpents, and natural born hunters with an innate killer instinct. Their method of the hunt is to sniff out prey with their long tongues and follow them until within striking range. Some snakes have venom while others will only strangulate their prey to death with shear strength. Occasionally snakes will end up inside, sometimes it’s just cold outside and their seeking shelter and others they follow their prey into a garage or crawlspace. They’re also attracted indoors because of the protection the indoors offer to spend the winter. Snakes sometimes hibernate in homes, especially in basements. Most snakes are not social; however a female snake that is ready to breed can sometimes attract numerous suitors. Snakes give birth to many offspring.

It’s not always easy to find evidence of snakes because they leave no damage behind often other than snake skin or fecal matter. They don’t break into your home like other pests, they use existing openings. Then once they’ve made their way inside they can remain in hiding for months. Most snakes molt or shed their skin several times a year as they grow. The dry, tube-like shed skin is usually in one or a couple of large pieces or may be crumpled in a heap. An expert can identify the snake by its shed skin. Because of their jaw, snakes are known to devour animals as much as three times larger than their heads. They consume just about anything small or big enough for their appetites and size. They eat everything whole from termites, rodents, birds, frogs, small deer and other reptiles. This makes it tricky when it comes to their defecation to certify what kind of snake it is or even what its diet contains. A professional in the study of snakes may be able to identify a snake by its shed skin but no one can tell by its remnants.

In comparison, snakes fecal matter resembles that of an only birds’ because of the white markings contained in the excrement. Birds and snakes are also similar in that they have one opening from which they eliminate both solid and liquid wastes. This causes urine to appear in the fecal mixture as a gooey white substance. There is no other similarity, in bird and snake droppings beyond this. Snakes feces will contain bits of undigested animal like fur, teeth, claws, and bones. Snakes only eliminate waste as often as they eat. If a snake only feeds every few weeks, it will only defecate as often. Snake excrement will vary in appearance according to the snake’s diet, at the time the snake dropped feces...

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