How to get snakes out from under a shed or porch

Lots of home owners usually have problems with snakes and most of them wish to know the most effective techniques that will help get rid of them once and for all. First and foremost snake education is very significant because it gives you the opportunity of understanding the species and the behavioral aspects of these animals. If you are scared of snakes and they are under your shed or porch, the best thing to do is to leave the m alone because they will never harm you when they are unprovoked.

If you wish to control or get rid of snakes from under a shed or porch, there are several techniques that you can use:

Physically removing the snake from under the shed or porch

This is the most effective and certain way of getting rid of snakes when they are under the shed or porch though it might be difficult due to the limited space in these areas. If you gain access to these areas, you can use your hands or tools like hook and snake tongs to get rid of the snake. When you have safely removed the snake, ensure that you put it in a sack and then relocate it far away from the capture site. In spite of this technique being effective, it is tiresome and requires people who are not scared of handling them.

Trapping snakes

Snake trapping is also an effective option that you can use to get rid of snakes from under the shed or porch. Snakes have the characteristic of being alert both day and night; therefore you can set the trap during the day and leave it overnight. The most important thing is to ensure that you frequently check on the trap and immediately relocate the snake once it is trapped. For best results, use multiple traps and ensure that they are located at all entry points that are likely to be used by the snakes to get under the porch or shed.

Snakes are carnivorous animals, hence using baits that can easily lure them into the trap gives you an upper hand and you will be able to quickly get rid of them.

Snake repellents

They are not very effective but they will definitely prevent snakes from visiting your home frequently. Snake repellents like mothball flakes, powders and sprays can be found in most hardware and other reputable stores all over the world. Ultra sonic emitters are also an option because they help in keeping these animals away.

Unfavorable conditions

People encounter snakes in their yards because their properties provide conditions that favor their co-existence but you can keep them away by introducing conditions that are unfavorable for their survival like clearing bushes around these areas.

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