Will repellents get a squirrel from out of the attic?

Annoying squirrels are the most common pests in our attics and a lot of people are trying with a different kind of repellents, usually unsuccessfully. They are very crafty little animals and they can climb everywhere, even your attic is not protected. Whatever you tried to scare away these creatures, it just didn’t work. The professional are way too expensive and all the other cheaper solutions are pretty much useless.

You can find all sort of squirrel repellents online and most of them are made of coyote urine and mothballs. None of them is working well and the problem remains the same, the squirrels are keen more than ever to stay in your attic and not move away. Probably the only thing that could work is eviction fluid. It was usually first used to repel the raccoons, but it proved to be working with the squirrels, too. The eviction fluid isn’t the guaranteed way to remove the fluffy rodents, but at least it has shown some results.

Squirrels can cause a lot of problems to humans. Their desire to live in buildings where we’re living could be very unpleasant for people. They are excellent athletes and they also can chew everything, including pipes and wires. That’s why they are so dangerous. They will not give us some disease or a virus that we can’t handle, but it could cause a fire hazard while chewing on the electrical wires. Also, squirrels like to chew wood, so if you have wooden furniture inside your house or attic, it can be painful for you to see what these rodents did. The biggest problem is that they are mating very fast and grow even faster. So, if you don’t solve your squirrel problem quickly, you will be forced to call a professional or to take care of them yourself with different methods than the useless repellents and eviction fluid which are not 100% successful.

One of the proven methods for removing squirrels out of your attic is to trap them. So, stop listening to those repellent commercials with 100% guaranteed success. You have to take the matter into you own hands and if you don’t fight them for your habitat and safety, squirrels will never go away because they are very territorial and smart and they will do anything to stay at your attic where they feel comfortable.

It’s up to you. You can still live in imagination land thinking that the magic powder or spray will take care of the squirrels or you can act right away by calling the professionals who are experienced in the battle with these pests. However, a lot of people is taking this problem too personal, so they are deciding to enter in their own war with the squirrels in order to trap them and remove from their houses and attics for good.

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