How to keep squirrels away from your property

Squirrels are very adaptive animals and they can easily get used to living in a same habitat as we do. However, they are rodents and like the rats, they are carrying numerous diseases which can cause huge problems for humans. In addition, squirrels love to chew on almost anything they find on their way and that can also create a few unpleasant situations for many of us.

In order to keep them away from your property, it is very important to know that you shouldn’t be feeding other animals outside your house, including your own pets. Squirrels are quick and mobile and they are enjoying in any kind of free food. So, forget feeding the birds in your garden. Pick up the fallen fruit if you have any and secure your garbage cans with heavy lids.

In the nesting time, especially in the fall and winter, squirrels like to nest under the engine hood of your car. It could sound ridiculous, but it is well-known fact and you have to be serious about it. Check your car on a regular basis or just park them outside the reach of these nasty little rodents. Cover your chimneys with ¼ inch wire and any other possible entrance.

One of the most interesting solutions is to use coffee grounds to keep them away from your property. Put a thin layer of ground around your lawn and flower beds to force them away. If this is successful, refresh the layer every two weeks or in case of rain, do it right away after it stops. In case you have a cat or dog in your house, use their urine and hair and spray it around the yard and plants, this has proved to be one of the good solutions in scaring the squirrels away.

You should be able to annoy the squirrels with sprinkler systems and sensitive motion lights, as well. The natural way of getting rid of these animals is to bring in a predator. Not the urine, the actual natural enemy of squirrels. Consider buying a terrier dog, especially Rat Terrier, Jack Russell or German Pinscher, they are excellent in hunting these small rodents. A cat can be useful because they can climb trees. If getting a dog or cat is not an option, you could try with putting up barn owl houses.

Probably the best thing you could do is to contact a professional and ask him for advice because they are very experienced and they know how to deal with these pests in the proper manner. They will instruct you what to do and what not to do, so you can save your money on unnecessary things.

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