Humane ways to kill a squirrel in a cage

The presence of squirrels as unwanted guests at your home is always very much disturbing and imposes a number of health hazards therefore you are forced to take appropriate steps for getting rid of it for good. It is never a humane practice to kill a rodent, but you are sometimes left with no other better option for the safety of your family members. Before taking any step check what laws have to say in this matter and your preference should always be to bring as much little discomfort as you can for the animal. Below we will discuss some options, which you can answer your question that what are some humane ways to kill a squirrel in a cage?

The best option is that you should use spring traps as the most important aspect related with them is that they are considered as the most humane traps, which can be used to kill the animal. They bring pain to the animal no doubt in this, but plus point is that animal will be killed in a quicker fashion and there are always maximum chances present that animal will die quickly. While setting up the trap you have to take care of some very important factor like squirrel should be able to reach the trap loaded with bait without any trouble and regular changing of the bait should always be ensured. Still if you find the squirrel badly injured, but not dead then kill it is the smallest possible time period for freeing it from pain.

Another easy and somewhat humane way of killing the captured squirrel in cage is to shoot it. Now one very important point to mention here is that this should always be carried out by someone skilled and properly trained because missing the aim can bring other troubles for you. For this purpose you can use smaller caliber gun of lower power. Have a clean aim of the rodent captured in the cage and shoot in its head it will bring death soon for the animal. The shooting environment should be saved because chances are there that bullet will pass through the head of the animal so it should not hit any other important thing or person.

Another method is to kill the animal by forced trauma in the head region, but in most of the situations it is not easy and in fact emotionally challenging as well.

You can also kill the animal by using the approach of asphyxiation by means of CO2. However, it is a lengthy method and has some detailed requirements, which you need to fulfill. In case you feel that you are not capable of dealing with this task, then call and expert.

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