Will repellents get squirrels out of the chimney?

Squirrels are very stubborn rodents that can make your life go through hell especially if they are in the chimney; they will make loud noises during the night and distract your peace, they will run up and down and scratch the wall and this can be very irritating. There are repellents that can definitely get squirrels out of your chimney but most of them are not very effective. Their odor is what drives the squirrels away but if they get used to the smell, they can easily resist and maintain their home in the chimney. Some of these repellents are very poisonous making them illegal because they can kill the squirrel which is not very advisable and humanly.

There are different types of repellents and they all possess a factor that will somehow restrain the squirrel away from the attic. They are also available in different forms; powder, liquid form, oil, in form of granules and spray form. They can either be bought from the stores while other repellents can be acquired from your home hence they are usually referred to as the natural repellents. One of the positive characteristic of these repellents is that they are very easy to use and they are somehow economical.

Natural repellents
To get a squirrel away from the chimney you can use predator urine because it usually contains a very strong odor. You can use sprinklers to effectively spray the urine in all corners of the chimney. Make sure that you leave one entrance that will allow the squirrels to get out of the chimney after spraying the urine. Patience is required in this scenario because it can take a couple of hours before the squirrels actually get out of the chimney.

Chemical squirrel repellents
These are repellents that can be bought from the stores either in powder or liquid form:

Fox Granules
It is a powdered form repellent that will succeed to repel the squirrels away from the chimney, foxes are enemies of the squirrels so if they come across the scent, they will quickly leave the premises without looking back. When this is done you have to ensure that the remaining opening into the chimney is well blocked to avoid the squirrels from returning into the chimney.

Squirrel repellent spray
The spray is non-exotic and it will help keep squirrels away from your chimney, you can also spray it in the garden to prevent other squirrel from using the same trails into the chimney. It is one of the best sprays because it has the ability of resisting the effect of the rain therefore it can be used for a couple of days to repel the squirrels.

Electronic repellents
They can be used because they are safe and equally friendly and they are more effective because they will scare the squirrels away from the chimney and the yard.

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