How high can squirrels climb and jump?

Climbing and jumping are some of the facts that describe squirrels; they have features that support these two characteristics. Regardless of their size, squirrels can surprise you with their abilities. Factors that contribute to their expertise in the climbing and jumping: Squirrels always spend a lot of their time eating, they usually eat more than their body weight, this is significant because it helps in creation of energy that gives them the ability to climb way above and also jump. They have the ability of jumping up to five feet vertically and leap up to ten feet between objects. This is because of the flexible paws that they have. Their bushy tails are equally important because they offer them the support that they need when climbing up or down the trees.

So how well can they jump and climb?
Their sizes do not prevent them from jumping and climbing and they have been identified as expert rodents. Sometimes, making exclusion fences to prevent the squirrels from getting into our homes is useless because they have the ability of climbing up and getting into the yards if the fences are not built well. They are notorious for stealing animal feeds; you will try to prevent them from reaching the animal feeders by hanging them between the trees. If you locate the feeders close to branches in between the trees, the squirrels will have easy access to the feeders because they are perfect climbers. It is therefore important to ensure that the bird feeders are located away from low branches. While in the attic, the squirrels can easily climb into and out of the walls. You will always hear them scratching the walls frequently especially during daytime an indication that they are perfect climbers.

Sometimes, they get trapped into the walls and if you lower down a support that will help them climb out, they will quickly get out without any difficulties. Studies have shown that squirrels can run and jump very fast, they have the ability of clocking twenty miles in an hour, isn’t this amazing? In spite of their incredible abilities, they cause a lot of havoc when they get the opportunity of climbing into our walls or jumping from tree to tree especially when it is close to the bird feeders. Some of the negative effects of their abilities to jump and climb include:

  • They can easily spill the bird feeds as they jump from tree to tree
  • They can also feed on these seeds when they come in contact with them and this will end up starving your birds
  • In the attic they will chew on electric wires which is very risky
  • They will also chew on your wood which is not the best thing for both you and the house.

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