Will homeowners insurance pay for damage caused by squirrels?

Squirrels are a nuisance and they can cause a lot of damages especially when they invade your home; most homeowner’s insurance policy will contain clauses that will not cover certain damages caused by these rodents but they will always cover sudden and unexpected damages caused by these rodents. You have to be fully aware of the damages that they are likely to cover and those that are not in their clauses.

Situations that are usually covered
The examples below will help you have a deeper understanding on what is usually covered under these policies. If a natural disaster like a storm blows off the roof top of your house and then squirrels immediately find shelter in the attic and cause additional damage, then the homeowners policy will definitely cover for both damages; the one caused by the storm and the squirrels. When the squirrels dig tunnels under the ground and by bad luck they disrupt the gas tunnels that cause fire to your house, then the policy will cover the damage and loss caused by the squirrels. The same applies if they get into the attic and chew on the electric wires that may lead to fire outbreaks then the homeowner’s policy will pay. The homeowner’s policy will also cover for hidden defects that were caused by the squirrels; for instance if your home inspection failed to identify that squirrels had chewed on the water sprinklers, wood or electric wires in the attic before you bought a home, the policy will automatically cover that loss.

Paying for the damages
You also have to know that the amount that the policy pays always depends on your current policy, at some point the insurers may not be in a position to cover all the damages caused by the squirrels because of the extent of your policy. In many situations, squirrels may cause minor damages that are not usually included in the homeowner’s policy, when this occurs; you will be required to take care of the damages yourself. The good news is that the damages that you will have to care of are the minor damages like; blocking the entry points to get into the attic, minor water leakages from the ceiling and other manageable damages. Understand the details of your current policy because it will help you when making the required claims after squirrels have caused damage to your home. If you do not have any of the policies it is time that you get one because they are very significant. The homeowner’s insurance policy will always cover for damages caused by squirrels and other rodents without any details and this will help you save on a lot of finances.

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