Why do Squirrels Die in Houses and Attics?

Squirrels are small rodents that are primarily herbivorous. Thy live in the wild but may also be tamed as pets. Squirrels are solitary animals that feed and spend the day alone. They only get together during the nights or during cold months when sharing of body heat is essential for their survival. What are some of the reasons why a squirrel would die in your house or attic?

Lack of a way out

Squirrels are mostly wild animals. This means that they are adapted to living in the wild and not in attics or houses. However, due to lack of food, squirrels may get into houses to feed on grains and other food stuffs. Most often than not, they get lost in the rooms and end up getting locked in there. However, squirrels are not diggers; they are climbers. They have a set of well-adapted feet that help them to climb up and down trees. The fact that they can climb trees doesn’t mean that they can also climb walls. In fact concrete walls are nearly impossible to climb for squirrels. This means that once they touch ground, they can only get out through doors or windows. If none of these are open, and there is no way to reach the ceiling without climbing the wall, then the squirrels are left in the house. They may die inside there unless they find another way out.


Pets like dogs are a common enemy for all rodents. They viciously attack squirrels and most often kill them then eat them. If you meet a dead squirrel in your house, then there are chances that your dog might have killed the squirrel.


Most animal poisons cause paralysis and death to any rodent that feeds on them. Squirrels also die after feeding on poisoned bait. If you find a dead squirrel in your attic or house,then there are chances that the squirrel had fed on a poisoned substance either in your house or in another person’s house.


Squirrels are moderately territorial. However, males are very controlling of their space and may fight off any intruders that come close to their nests. This means that a dead squirrel might have been a victim of squirrel war.


Young squirrels need warm shelter for them to survive. If young ones wander out of their parents nest, they may not be able to go back there on their own unless they are found by their mothers. This means that they stay in the warmest place they can find, which is most likely in your house. Since they cannot fend for themselves, they die quickly and quietly in your house due to hunger. The same applies to abandoned squirrels that are too young to take care of themselves.

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