What are squirrels' natural diet?

What do squirrels normally eat? The answer to this question can be complicated, but in simple words it depends upon the availability of food. However, in every situation the best strategy is to provide them a diet, which is closer to wild diet in this manner they will get in a position of surviving in a better environment. Different types of squirrels such as flying squirrels, ground squirrels as well as tree squirrels generally have some overlapping of their diets, but conventionally these consume different foods. For developing an idea about the eating habits of squirrels it is important that you should understand the primary sources of food as well as natural history which are related with the animal. You can taken an example that flying squirrels as they are nocturnal and live inside old growth of forests and over the course of these years they have adapted to survive on different kinds of foods and same is the case with diurnal that live on prairie. Among tree squirrels the difference of specie is very much important because the primary sources of food are different. There are pine squirrels and the American red squirrels that primary like eating tree seeds along with other food sources such as buds, catkins, buds, berries as well as flowers. On the other side gray squirrels as well as fox squirrels like eating acorns, pecans, walnuts, seeds and fruits. These are actually hoarders, which bury each nut in a specified hiding place. They have adapted very well to different types of foods that can be found in urban settings. They can also eat atypical foods at the time of need and whenever opportunity is presented.

Squirrels have adapted well to the city environments and because of this reason they can survive on a number of things. In simple words if you have kept these animals then prior to feeding them it is better to obtain a decent idea related with animal’s history and eating habits. Also, it is important to understand the types of foods to which the body of animal has adapted. Majority of squirrels who have adapted to urban environments are regarded as highly opportunistic feeders. They show no hesitation in eating cookies, ice cream and cakes. They like to eat almost everything which is available and can survive for years.

Whenever squirrels are presented with wild diet they don’t overeat also when a diet high in peanuts, corn and seeds is presented they do overeat as it is like a treat for them. In simple words it is again dependent upon the specie, the environment as well as the available conditions because squirrels have the capacity of adapting towards different food sources at the time of need.

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