How to get squirrels out of a building using a one-way funnel

The One-way funnel or one-way door, is one of the best non-lethal traps that helps in getting rid of squirrels out of the home. A one-way funnel trap is normally mounted at the top of a building, or right on top of the entry or exit hole of a squirrel, and the one-way funnel normally has flanges or wings at one of its sides, alongside a torsion spring at on the door of the cage- with this design, it becomes easier for the squirrel to enter the cage and the door automatically shuts behind it once it enters. This type of squirrel trap is safe, and easy , and it meets the necessary legal requirements.

The one-way funnel for targeting squirrels is the best way to remove the targeted squirrel instead of traps that can catch non-targetted animals. The trap is non-lethal, thus the squirrel is not injured and can be released hundreds of kilometers from your home. You need to ensure that the funnels are exact enough not to let the squirrel out, otherwise it will escape and may not get trapped again, and for this reason , you must have a clue about the size of the squirrel you are targeting. There are a wide range of one-way funnel traps that can capture wide range of different sizes of squirrels , you should go for these multi-dimensional traps.

Using a one-way funnel to get squirrels out of a building
First of all, you need to check whether there are more than one entry or exit homes in the building, and if there are several holes, try as much as possible to seal up all of them except one, and most especially the largest or most popular entry hole- make sure that other entry or exit holes are sealed with steel screening, because squirrels cant chew steel, and you need to keep in mind that squirrels can chew through wood, and some other materials, hence you must use steel. With all entry holes but one sealed, the squirrels can be let out of your house through a single entry point, and the one-way funnel will not let them re-enter the house. Make sure you check the entire building for areas where squirrels can chew their ways back into the house, hence your house must be well-defined . Your next step is to place the funnel at the entry or exit hole that is not sealed, and if possible you can add a bait of butternut to entice the squirrel into the trap. Make sure the trap is set while the squirrel is out of the building or before coming back and this means very early in the morning.

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