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Will the city or county animal services help with a squirrel issue?

Squirrels are more of pests rather than rodents to human beings; they will frequently infest your garden and destroy most of your produce. In this case, it is usually up to you to ensure that you get rid of them when they are in your yard. The City or the animal services will rarely show up when you report the situation unless the invasion is massive. In other words if they are few squirrels in the yard, it will entirely up to you to ensure that you come up with the best techniques to get rid of them.

How to eliminate squirrels from your life: The process of eradicating the squirrels does not take a long period of time especially if they are a handful. If they are in the yard, you can effectively get rid of them by flooding their burrows. The significance of flooding these burrows is to make them, homeless, once they lack shelter they will be forced to vacate your yard and search for another suitable place to build their home.

You can also use repellents: the best repellents to use if they are in the open are predator urine and pepper. You can also use noise repellents in conjunction with the above to scare away the squirrels. You have to be very swift when using this technique because it does not last longer. When you are sure that the squirrels have left the yard, you have to try hard and ensure that you block any open areas around the yard. You can do this by using meshed fences but you have to ensure that they are well buried under the ground to prevent the squirrels from digging under them and getting their way back to the yard.

Traps are the most effective technique that will help you get rid of these pests at once. What type of traps can you use? There are several types that you can use to trap the squirrels. The most important thing is to ensure that they are intact and have the ability of preventing the squirrels from escaping once they are trapped.

In addition you have to ensure that the traps are well baited. The baits are important because they will lure the squirrels into the traps. Once they get into the traps, they door automatically closes which prevents them from getting out.

When you use traps, you have to be extra cautious because there are certain traps that can injure or even kill the squirrels. The jaw traps are known to crush the squirrels if they are left there for a long period of time. Moreover, they are likely to starve to death because there is no food in the trap. In conclusion, it is better to get rid of squirrels when they get into your yard rather than waiting for the authorities. Go back to the How to get rid of squirrels home page.

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