Is it ever ok to poison a squirrel?

In case you are having a lot of problems because of squirrels and want to get rid of them in an effective fashion, then there are many options which can be used. You may come across suggestions of using poisons against these animals, but in this section let me make one think clear if you want to get rid of these animals then using poisons should always be your least priority because truth is that these kinds of products and not at all effective. Not only this, poisoning the animal further enhances your problems because in case it works, then animal will move to an unknown location in your house and will die there and this will leave bad smell and you will face a lot of difficulty in finding the squirrel’s dead body. In addition to this, there are many other prominent aspects, which don’t support the use of poisons for killing squirrels some of the prominent ones are being mentioned below.

  • In many areas it is illegal to poison the squirrels. This means you will break a law by using poison and this is not at all acceptable in any case. In fact, truth of the matter is that you will have a hard time in finding a registered poison for squirrel in the market because no such thing actually exists.
  • Poisons, which are most commonly available in the market, include cholecalciferol as well as Wafrain and interesting point to note is that these are actually rat killers so you should not expect that they are going to work on squirrels with great level of affectivity. Another important point is that squirrels are never attracted towards rat poisons because of definite reasons they prefer to eat seeds so you must try something else.
  • As mentioned earlier if by chance squirrel eats the poison and dies, then chances are very high that it will die in your attic leading to bad odor. One more thing only one squirrel by chance can eat the poison there will be many other who will stay alive so it is again a useless strategy.
  • Poisoning the animal is also being objected because of the point that it is a very cruel way of killing the animal. They animal suffer a lot of pain as slowly and steadily its systems fail and squirrels have to face a lot of trouble. Apart from all the trouble which squirrels create they are living things and it is not right to subject them to great discomfort.

Therefore, from the above mentioned points it is very much clear that killing squirrels by using poison is not only ineffective, but also not the right approach to follow.

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