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What to do about a squirrel under the porch

While you are wandering in your lawn in your house. You came to know that there is some activity in your porch, on focusing you figure it out that there is a squirrel under your porch. Your sudden thought will be what to do with this squirrel. Squirrels are small cute little creatures which belongs to the rodent family. They have big eyes and a long fluffy tails. They also have piercing nails and teeth which are very harmful. Squirrels have also live on the top of the trees in the holes of the tree stems where they breed in the starting of the winters. Squirrels lives in forests as well as desserts. However, they prevent living in driest deserts and cold places. Squirrels eat nuts and fruits. They have adapted themselves to humans, and started living near human population.

Squirrels most of the time spend their time on trees seeking their food, and taking care of the babies. Although squirrels are fun to watch, but still people don’t like squirrels taking their food or vegetables away. So when a squirrel is caught in you porch it is alarming. The squirrels are one of the aggressive animals out there. Going near the squirrel around you can cause harm to you. Try to stay away from the squirrel. Think for a moment that what can be done to remove the squirrels from your porch.

Firstly, look around if there is any baby squirrel around because an adult could be looking for the baby. I there is no baby take some other steps. Wait for the night, if the squirrel is still there use a light, and place it where it is sleeping in the porch. Because, like humans squirrels also want to sleep in a dark and quiet places. You can also use some sound system to get rid of a squirrel.

But first make sure that all the entrances of your house are closed. Because the squirrel might get into your house. Remember, never to get near the squirrel, as they are so violent. You can use field glasses for keep an eye on the squirrel from far away.

If you know the food timings of a squirrel it will help a lot. You can use internet for getting this information. Because the squirrel at the end will get out of the porch in search of food. It is totally imprudent to use a shooting gun for squirrels, as it can cause severe injury to the squirrel. And others can also get hurt if you miss the shot.

Getting near the squirrel is highly unadvisable, as they have sharp teeth and nail. They can hurt you in many ways. You can call rehab help if condition is out of the control. Go back to the How to get rid of squirrels home page.

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