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Should I hire a pro or remove a squirrel myself?

Squirrels are very notorious rodents and once they get into your property, they can feed and destroy a lot of things. They love invading the attic, the bird feeders, and the basement and also in the gardens because in this area they can find secure shelter and also abundant food supply. Once you identify any possible signs like chirping, scratching, jumping and bumping in the attic or any other dark corner, you have to prepare yourself to get rid of either a squirrel or squirrels. You have a choice of either removing the squirrels yourself or hiring a pro to help you out.

Removing a squirrel yourself
Squirrels are very stubborn rodents but they will rarely harm you which give you an upper hand. You can therefore remove squirrels when they get into your yard any difficulties. The most important thing is to ensure that you have the correct equipment that will help you with the job. The first step is to identify where the squirrel is hiding within the yard because there are different techniques to use when the squirrel is hiding inside the attic or indoors and when it is out in the garden.

Removing Squirrels indoors
When you have successfully identified where the squirrels have built their own habitat, you can commence with the removal procedure. If the squirrel is inside the wall, you can lower a pole which will allow the squirrel to climb out of the wall. You have to be patient because it may take a couple of hours before the squirrel climbs up. When there are baby squirrels in the wall, you have to be extra careful because they are very delicate, if they are at the furthest point, you can make a hole on the hole just above them and carefully remove them with your hands. If they are in the attic, you can use sweet baits like nuts and bird seeds to lure them into the traps. This might also take a couple of hours but you have to frequently check on the traps. After the capture you can safely free the squirrel miles away from your home. You can also use repellents that are not poisonous to scare them away. Some of the repellents include; ammonia soaked in balls or urine from predators.

In the garden
You can quickly get rid of the squirrels in the garden by first covering up the burrows that they dig in the ground. You can then use live traps that are very effective or alternatively you can use repellents purchased from the stores.

Hiring a pro
Hiring a pro should be a last resort but if you are scared of squirrels you will have no choice but opt for their help. Pros will use the most appropriate tools to get rid of them and thereafter ensure that the squirrels are safely evacuated from your home. Go back to the How to get rid of squirrels home page.

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