How do wildlife rehabilitators handle squirrels?

Wildlife rehabilitation are the shelters to the wild life animals when they are orphaned, bruised or woozy and then liberate them back to their natural setting , where they can breed , and seek health. Squirrels are the small animals, with delicate bodies, furry tails, and large eyes. Customarily, the fur is so spongy and heavy, comparative to other animals. These are habitant of roughly every habitat, from forest to desserts, they do avert polar region and torrid desserts. Squirrels are fruitarian. They love nuts and seeds. But many of them eat worms and small creatures. With their large eyes, theirs sensitivity of vision is so sharp.

Squirrels breed once in a year giving birth to the numbers of babies and female looks after the babies. They are taken to the rehabs when they are somehow, separated from their mothers. The squirrels usually fall out of their nest, mother tries not to abandon their baby, and it will try to fetch the baby again to the nest. Rehabilitators makes sure that the squirrels are orphaned or injured, and are alone in the place. They use utmost prudence while handling injured baby. The babies or even adult squirrel can be combative, so they prefer wearing gloves while handling them. They use a well airy card-board box with a bottom, cover with a towel. They keep the box in a dark and quite place until they reach the rehabilitation center.

Rehabilitators never leaves the baby outside, they are immediately bought to the rehab when they are found lone. Rehabilitators rapidly removes any parasites found on the babies. E.g. ants, maggots or fleas. Then, the babies are made warm, and inquire whether the babies are dehydrated or not. Because by trailing fluids from system can cause death. A single baby will automatically bond to the rehabilitator as they get attached, thinking rehabilitators of its mother. A baby behavior depends on the security given by the rehabilitator. They give love, take care and cuddle with the squirrel’s babies. They give different toys to them in their cage to make them busy, so that they don’t miss their mothers. To feed the baby squirrels the rehabilitators use syringes, starting with the 1cc or 3cc oral feeding syringes.

Rehabilitators make a count of the weights of these babies, to regulate their feeds. So that they know much feed they need. They use different weighing devices for this purpose. As the careful measurement of feed is required for raising a squirrel baby. If a baby is having less appetite, or, need more feed than its weight, baby is taken to the professional veterinarian for complete diagnosis. A recorded data about the weight of baby help a lot in raising up a healthy squirrel baby. The babies are liberated only when they are much healthier.

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