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How to get rid of squirrels out of the chimney

It is very easy for squirrels to squeeze themselves into the chimney because of their size; if there is any tiny opening in the chimney, they will have no problem getting in and out and that is why they will make it their home. When you get this kind of visitor, you have to be very careful because sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of them. The greatest thing to avoid is to start any kind of fire because it is very dangerous especially if there are young ones in the chimney. They are very delicate and they can depend on themselves, so starting a fire can definitely kill them which are very illegal according to the wildlife rules and regulations. It is also possible for the squirrels to get trapped in the chimney that is why it is important to validate their state before coming up with any technique to get rid of them. In case the squirrels are trapped in the chimney, you will hear frequent voices and consistent scratching. You therefore have to use an approach that will yield positive results.

Getting rid of the squirrel
If the squirrel is trapped in the chimney, you have to give it another way to get out of the chimney; you can do this by using a rope. It will be very easy for the squirrel to climb up the rope and you can free it miles away from your yard. If it takes longer than expected, you have to be a little more patient because chances are that the squirrel is scared. You can leave the rope there for a couple of hours but make sure that you constantly check on it.

Odor deterrents
Squirrels loath odor especially if its predator urine; you can smear all over the chimney and ensure that it is highly concentrated and you will be amazed with the results because the squirrels will quickly evade the chimney and find some other shelter. If the squirrels are still babies, you do not have to be scared because you can easily get rid of them by using your hand provided that you are wearing protective gloves. You can also use ammonia soaked in cotton balls since their odor is very disgusting and will help get rid of the squirrels.

Live traps
Using traps is the most effective and sure way because you will be able to witness the whole process; all you have to do is to frequently check on the traps to prevent the trapped squirrels from dying. When you are sure that the squirrels have left the chimney you have to make sure that the small openings and other possible entrances are well sealed to avoid future visitors. Go back to the How to get rid of squirrels home page.

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