What are the symptoms of a sick squirrel?

Squirrels are mammals and one of the most commonly found rodents in your backyard. These animals are certainly not welcome in any house, but still it is better that you should not bring any harm to them because being living things they also face pain. Squirrels can contract a number of illnesses in fact they are more exposed to environmental threats that humans. These animals are not capable of taking any medical treatment all by their self so if you will help, them then it is defiantly something, which will bring satisfaction and peace. Another important thing is that identification of signs, which are exhibited by an ill squirrel, also helps you in taking precautionary measures because many diseases spread in humans because of squirrels.

Wild species have their own complicated problems and if they are left unidentified, then in majority of conditions humans are forced to feel the complications as well. These animals provide immediate signs of being ill or in trouble so if you are good in identifying these, then surely you can help the animal. In this, section we will discuss the symptoms of a sick squirrel.

Squirrels are exposed to a number of illnesses and many of these are often not understood even by vets and they move ahead after prescribing antibiotics. However, there are some common symptoms, which are presented by the animal and you must recognize them.

  • Discharge coming from eyes, mouth or nose
  • Wheezing, shivering, sneezing and coughing
  • Lesions or scabs
  • Passing of blood or diarrhea
  • Overgrowth of incisors
  • Spasms

These signs show that animal has been either infected or is suffering from a disease so you should provide it the immediate assistance possible.

Water is important for the health of body and in its absence animal gets dehydrated and develops a number of troubling complications. If you suspect that a particular squirrel is dehydrating, then investigate that either the nose of animal is moist or not? In case you get the confirmation that animal is indeed dehydrated then take appropriate steps for helping it.

Some of the signs which ask for immediate treatment from vet are being mentioned below

  • Severe flesh
  • Wounds
  • Abscesses
  • Bleeding
  • Broken bones

Sometimes it is very much difficult to diagnose the injuries, but the popular symptoms associated with these include bleeding from ears, mouth or nose. Injuries of minor types such as cuts, scratches or bites need patience and special care. Keep in mind a sick squirrel also imposes health related risks for humans so ignoring the visible signs and symptoms only brings drawbacks and you should understand this point. It is better to consult local authorities when you face trouble.

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