Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against squirrels?

Even if the high pitch sound machine companies claim that it will repel everything from insects to rodents, it’s not quite correct. Maybe they seem to work at the beginning, the results are not proven, neither its effectiveness.

This idea was established in China the thousands of years ago. These sound deterrents emit some high-frequency sound waves that will repel the mice, rats, squirrels and moles, according to the manufacturers. They claim that these noises which are above the range of human hearing will scare and annoy the rodents, so they should be gone very soon. This is the theory, but the practice is something else. Some of these sound devices can be plugged into a wall and others are working on batteries.

The fact is that the rodents, squirrels, in this case, can be frightened by the noise and unpleasant sounds, but they will soon adapt to them, so this means that these devices will be ineffective in repelling annoying pests. They will just stop to pay attention to it after the couple of days. It is wrongly believed that these sounds can cause several different symptoms in pests’ organism such as convulsion, confusion and even seizures which can lead to a death of the rodents.

In general, sound repellents can work well but only in short-term periods, the fact is that they cannot solve your problem for a longer period of time. However, unlike the poisons or other chemical repellents, the high pitch sound repellents are not hazardous to the environment and be useful not only with squirrels but with the other rodents and pests, as well. The sound is not dangerous for the home animals like cats and dogs, but can be problematic for domestic rodents such rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs. That’s why you always need to check the manufacturer’s warning labels just to be safe.

The price of these devices is between 10 and 100 dollars, so it is not an expensive investment. However, like we already said, it won’t help you for a long time and it will be just a matter of second when you’ll give up on this idea and look for some other solutions. At the end, this is one of the safest and cleanest environmental options, also it will not kill the animals, so you don’t have to worry about that. It is better than some other messier solutions, but it will fail in your battle with rodents, eventually. Anyway, you could give it a go if you are the enthusiast.

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