How to Get Rid of Weasels

Problems Caused by Weasels: There are numerous issues that can be caused if you have weasels on or near your property. One concern that can come from weasels is the spread of disease. The most dangerous diseases that weasels can carry typically result from bacteria that are found in the mouth of the animal. Because they feed on things such as cold-blooded reptiles that harbor salmonella there is also a risk that they could spread this disease to other animals which could eventually infect humans. Another way that a weasel can transmit diseases is through scratches due to bacteria that live in their claws. Another problem with weasels living on your property is the damage they can cause to the animals that you keep. Because they like to feed on eggs, if you are a chicken farmer and you happen to live near a water source, this provides an ideal opportunity for a weasel to sneak its way into your chicken coop and feast on all the eggs. In addition to the eggs, they also will not hesitate to kill a chicken or a chick and eat those as well. This can be especially problematic if you are a farmer who relies on these animals and their products in order to be profitable and make your living. Another issue that can result from having weasels on your property or in your chicken coop is receiving a bite from this animal. Due to the bacteria that live in their mouth and also the fact that they can be a carrier for rabies, a bite from a weasel is not only painful but can carry serious repercussions with it. This is why it is imperative to remove any weasels from your property.

5 Different Ways to Get Rid of Weasels

If you are a poultry farmer and rely on your chickens to provide fresh eggs, weasels can be an issue that is going to drive you nuts. Especially if you live near a water source, these pesky little critters are going to be tempted very heavily to wander into your chicken coop and score an easy meal. This can pose issues for a variety of reasons. If you rely on these chickens to provide your source of income it becomes critical to handle your weasel problem. When it comes to dealing with a weasel problem you have a number of different ways to get the job done. These include preventive measures if you suspect that you might be at risk of weasels attacking your chickens, and also trapping options to handle any weasels that may already be on your property. if you are a poultry farmer and you live near a water source your best bet is preparing for these little pests that way you don't have to deal with them once the situation arises. Here are a few preventive measures you can take to stop weasels from attacking your livelihood. Weasel Prevention Techniques

Seal Any Openings: The first step in preventing weasels from attacking your chickens or invading your barns is to seal any openings where they can get in. Taking a little bit of time to walk your enclosure and find any weak points and then remedy them will go a long way in preventing any destruction that can be caused by weasels. This eliminates their point of entry and will likely cause them to go elsewhere when hunting for a food source.

Properly Store Food Sources: In addition to keeping weasels out of your enclosure another great way to manage the situation is to remove any other food sources that may draw them close. While the chicken feed itself may not provide a primary food source for the weasels, it can attract other rodents which the weasels will prey on and try to eat. Because of this reason, it is important to make sure there is no trash or scraps in your chicken coop or barn that may pose as a food source for other rodents.

Weasel Traps and Repellents

Repellents: The great way to handle an existing weasel population is through the use of commercially available weasel repellents. One excellent weasel repellent technique is through the use of a weasel spray system. This system consists of a motion-activated sprinkler that will turn on and spray any approaching nuisance pests, including weasels, with a blast of water which will encourage them to move away. This is especially useful because water is non-toxic and will not cause any harmful chemicals to leach into the ground or any other animals in the area.

Decoys: Another method that may have spotty results is to set up a decoy, such as a wolf, that may cause weasels to become scared and search for food elsewhere. This is generally considered a short-term solution as eventually, the creatures will figure out that it is not a real predator and then carry on about their business as usual. While it may not be an effective method in the long run, it can remove the weasels from problem areas for a long enough time period that you can employ some of the preventive measures mentioned above.

Weasel Traps: If you are sure that you have a weasel problem, and none of the other methods are working, as a last resort you can always trap the animals. Trapping an animal is the riskiest way of handling the situation, but it is always a better solution than extermination. Weasels do have a useful role within most habitats and can often provide benefits to other areas if they are relocated away from places such as chicken coops or farms. If you do decide to use a weasel trap make sure you go with the humane option that will allow for entrapment of the weasel so that it can be removed to a new location where it can go about doing weasel things. If you do trap a weasel you are probably going to need a professional to take care of it as there are some additional considerations that need to be made. For one, when setting a weasel trap you want to make sure you don't handle it so much that you impart your scent on it. Also once the weasel is captured you're going to want to make sure you handle it with care when you're releasing it so that you don't get a painful bite that could deliver a disease.

Take Care of Your Weasel Problem: If you've noticed the tell-tale signs of a weasel infestation on your property such as missing eggs, bite marks on the necks of your chickens, and dead chickens, then you're going to want to handle the problem properly. Utilizing any of the methods mentioned above you can achieve great results at removing problematic weasels from your property. The important thing to remember is that the best technique for handling a weasel problem is preventing it before it even starts.

Weasel Biology

The weasel is a scrawny little carnivore that can cause major issues on your property. They are similar in appearance to ferrets or otters and are in the same family. There are numerous distinctive features that can help you identify a weasel. They have a long thin body with tiny little legs and black eyes. In terms of coloration, the weasel will typically have brown to chestnut-colored fur on its back with a white pelt of fur coating its belly. In addition to these features weasels also have a short tail. If you live in an urban setting you're not going to experience much issue when it comes to weasels but for those in a more rural environment, especially near water, weasels are much more prevalent. Typically these creatures prefer areas with vegetation such as the edge of forests and ponds or streams. They prefer the banks of ponds and the edge of the forest because it provides dense vegetation that they can utilize in order to get a little bit of shelter. In terms of diet, these little scavengers love all sorts of different food sources. They love to feed on items such as chicken or duck eggs, and they're also known to eat things such as various snakes and amphibians that you commonly find on the edges of water sources. In general, this poses the biggest risk to chicken farmers as a weasel will consider the eggs or even the chicken a prime target for its meal.

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