How to tear down a beaver dam

The main purpose present behind beavers building dams is that they want to make newer ponds and it has been noticed that these animals can actually form several places for living in a stream. It is common to see a mound covered with sticks either inside dam water or around it this is the main region where beaver resides. There are three main aims associated with the life of beaver and these are being mentioned below

  • Flooding property
  • Making wetlands
  • Storing food

All the activities performed by beaver actually revolve around above mentioned three reasons. Beavers search for suitable areas that can provide compatible living conditions to them and once such a place is found their first job is to flood the area. This is done for getting a deeper and nice pond which can be used as a medium for making other things which are needed for survival. Being a homeowner you can sometimes feel that small trees are disappearing from your property and can be found lying in stream, and then it is a sign that beavers have invaded your property and a dam is being built. Trees which are mostly preferred by beavers include Bradford Pear, Maple tree etc.

It is therefore important to discourage the dam building activity of beavers because this is undesirable for your property. Now the big question is that How to tear down a beaver dam?

There are different ways which can be used for accomplishing this task however being methodical is the best thing to do here. You can even break the dam of beaver with hand and if correct procedure is followed, then everything can be managed quickly and you will not have to put in much effort as well. It is best that you should start by removing the sticks using hands initially remove those which are present towards the lower dam side. From bottom to top sticks should be removed move ahead slowly there is no need to hurry.

After removing sticks there will only remain mud wall which will be holding water and you can use a beaver rake for removing it. Your job is to start from one side and mud should be pulled across leading to the creation of spillway after this move to other side and pull mud into current. Water will do major portion of the work here and your job will be to roll up mud after this current will grab it ultimately washing it away.

You have to be careful here and it will be even better if your will prefer to get in touch with professionals for dealing with this job. Don’t take risks if you feel that situation can’t be handled alone.

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