How to Kill Beavers with Poison

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How To Kill A Beaver
The behavior and building skills of a beaver is one of the most impressive sights that is to be seen in nature, but when this begins happening close to a home or business then it can be a major issue. The beaver’s dam building will often flood a large area causing the banks of a river to push back significantly with the greater volume of water being held behind the dam. Because of the problems caused by beavers, many people will be looking for ways to actually kill them, so that they don’t cause the problem again.

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Poisoning A Beaver
Although many people will automatically think of poison when they are trying to find a solution to a pest animal, but this is actually quite difficult to achieve when trying to kill a beaver. Beavers are not particularly easy to place bait for, and because of this it is quite easy for the poison to be eaten by another animal rather than the beaver. Poison is also worth avoiding as it is difficult to predict where the beaver will succumb to the poison, and if it does die in the water then the carcass can contaminate this water and attract other pest animals.

Shooting A Beaver
Because the beaver spends the vast majority of its time in the water, the person who does want to shoot the beaver will have to be very patient and will also have to be a very good shot. The color of the beaver means it is very difficult to shoot while it is in the water, and because these animals tend to live in family groups shooting isn’t usually a practical solution to the problem, as it will take a lot of time and effort to be successful.

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Using Lethal Traps To Kill A Beaver
One of the most commonly used methods of killing a beaver is to use a lethal snare trap or body grip trap, which will need to be placed around the banks where the beaver is likely to be active. The problem with using such traps is that there is the possibility of other animals stumbling into the trap and being killed accidentally. In terms of choosing the right bait for such a trap, most people will use worms which will be attractive to beavers, but the location on an active beaver path is more important than the bait itself.

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Alternatives To Killing A Beaver
Among the problems that people will find when it comes to killing beavers is that it is regulated in many states, and the law about killing and removing beavers is often quite strict. This can lead many people to look for the more effective alternatives that will help to get rid of the beavers. Some people will try to approach this by destroying the beaver’s dam in the hope that it will make it want to go away, but this approach will often be unsuccessful, and it is also risky as the beaver will try to defend its dam.

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There are a number of different solutions that can also be used that will help to send the beaver looking for somewhere else to call home. Many of these devices will involve placing a pipe near the dam that will allow the water to bypass the dam and to drain away further down the river. Because beavers want a calm and plentiful area of water, the draining of the pool they have made will help to drive them away. Beavers also want an area with plenty of trees that they can gnaw, so wrapping the trunks of any trees near the dam with wire mesh will also help to encourage the beaver to go elsewhere.

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