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How to Kill Canada Geese with Poison

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How To Kill Canada Geese
Canada Geese can be a massive problem for many people, and anyone who lives near a lake or slow moving river can find that flocks of these birds can try to take up residence near their home. These birds used to be an endangered species a few years ago, but conservation efforts have almost been too successful, and there are many people’s lives and homes that are blighted by Canada Geese. Geese have also been birds that have been traditionally hunted for sport, but there are many people who view killing these birds as a solution to the problem.

Shooting Canada Geese
One of the most common and traditional methods of dealing with Canada Geese is by shooting, but one problem here is that only a small number of geese are shot from the whole flock. Shooting can have a nuisance value for a flock of geese, as they will all try to fly away in fear at the noise caused by the gun, but unless this is done on a regular basis then it is likely that the Canada Geese will return. Another problem with shooting geese is that they are quite swift animals when they are in the air, and dealing with injured birds can be difficult, as they are likely to be very aggressive and dangerous if they aren’t killed with one shot.

Poisoning Canada Geese
Poison really is a lazy way to try and kill any pest, and in the case of Canada Geese it is an approach that can cause big problems over a large area. One of the first difficulties is that it is difficult to ensure that it is just the geese that eat the poison, and because this will usually be in the form of grain, this can often kill other types of birds too. The birds will often fly some distance before they die meaning it can be impossible to collect those carcasses, and the bodies of the geese can sometimes contaminate an area as they will not necessarily die in their nesting area.

Other Ways To Kill Canada Geese
When it comes to killing geese in large numbers, wildlife wardens in cities and towns will often use a gas chamber, but this isn’t an option that is available to most people. There are traps to catch Canada Geese, but the lethal traps used for many species aren’t really effective when it comes to killing these birds. However you choose to kill Canada Geese, it is worth noting that there are a number of legal hurdles to overcome, as these birds will have protection in many areas.

Alternative Methods To Solve A Canada Goose Problem
One of the most difficult problems facing many people who are trying to deal with a goose problem is that there are so many of them, and this means that traditional methods of killing birds can be time consuming and difficult. This is why many people will turn to alternatives that will drive away these birds and encourage them to relocate to another body of water. One method is to change the shoreline around the body of water where the geese are living so that the banks are much steeper, but there are some very simple steps that can drive these birds away.

Disruption and disturbance are some of the best weapons in the fight against Canada Geese, and for this reason regularly walking around a lake area with a large dog will make the geese nervous and likely to leave. Another option is to regularly use a noise device such as an air horn in the vicinity of the geese when they are nesting there, as this will also encourage them to find somewhere quieter to live.

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