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Canada Goose Trapping - How To Trap

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How To Trap A Canada Goose
The Canada Goose is a species which seemed to be headed for extinction in the last century because of extensive hunting, but with a focused effort to revive the species, they have now become a hugely successful species. The geese will often live in large flocks, and if they choose to reside near a body of water in an urban area or where humans are active, then they can cause a number of problems.

What Traps Can You Use To Catch A Canada Goose?
There are a number of issues that need to be dealt with when trapping Canada Geese, and these include the fact that they will tend to live in flocks and will often need to be dealt with in numbers. There aren’t many lethal traps available to deal with Canada Geese because they will often catch other animals and wildfowl apart from the target birds. They are also illegal in many areas.

In terms of the traps that will be used, they will be tailored specifically to deal with geese. One such trap is the drop net trap, which is essentially a net which is held above the ground by four poles, and will then drop over the geese when they are under the net. This kind of trap will need to be triggered by hand, and will usually require the geese to be herded under the net by two or more people. There are also net traps that can be used when the geese are on the water, but these will also require a significant input by the trapper.

Locating And Baiting A Trap
One of the best ways to trap Canada Geese will require the trap to be pre baited. Corn can be spread around the trap area over a number of days beforehand, and once the geese are used to returning to the area daily for the corn, then the trap should be used. There are also a number of other seed and grain based bird foods that can be used to bait such traps. In terms of location, the traps will need to be set in and around the area of water that is attracting the geese to that area. Net traps will usually need quite a flat area in order for the net to fall around the geese, otherwise they may be able to crawl out.

Things You Should Know About Removing And Handling Canada Geese
Many states will have specific regulations about catching and removing Canada Geese, and because they are often seen as an invasive species some states will carry out euthanizing program. The problem with removing Canada Geese is that although they will not come back immediately, they are a migratory species and those that do migrate are likely to return to the same place at a later date.

Canada Geese can produce an awful lot of excrement, and avoiding contact with this is important because there are likely to be a range of harmful bacteria. It is also worth minimizing any contact with the birds as they will also carry many other diseases too.

Alternative Options To Trapping Canada Geese
Trapping Canada Geese is a solution that is very rarely used, because it is really only a temporary solution and the possibility that the geese can return fairly quickly. Taking measures to adapt the area where they are causing the problem will often be more effective, as geese will prefer an area with a gradual slope to the shoreline of the body of water. Another effective solution will be to use regular scare tactics such as dogs which will often be enough to scare the birds away permanently.

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