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How many stray cats are in the United States?

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You might have seen cats everywhere. In the garbage cans of your neighbors, your own backyards, farms, campgrounds, passages in the cities, they are present mostly everywhere. They might be your own pets that escaped from your custody, the ones that were discarded since they weren’t convenient or cute anymore. They might the litter of the animals that by no means had a home. They are therefore called as stray cats. The Humane Society of the US says that 6 – 8 million animals are let in shelters every single year. Out of these, 4 - 6 million are fortunate enough to be espoused by people and the remaining cats are euthanized to provide room for new set of animals. In the US, stray cats are considered to be more challenging to handle when compared to the dogs since the dogs don’t usually discover the resources that they require to survive. There is no exact count of the stray cats present in the US. However it is estimated to be around 13 million – 87 million. One single itinerant and homeless cat is actually too many and so the existence of millions of cats might be deplorable to people. The major query is what can be done to them? Most of the cities all over the US have employed lots of programs to control the growth of stray cats. Neuter/spay program is one amongst the effective program that help lessen admitting of cats in shelters by 30 to 60 percent. This program is said to have saved $3.00 for every single dollar that is spent in the process of admitting them. Trap, neuter, return [TNR] programs have helped reduce the number of stray cat population. In spite of these programs working well and helping to save the money of taxpayers, most people are against it, since they are with the wrong impression concerning the behavior, predation attributes, believed health threats of the stray cats. This becomes the major problem due to the education of people with regards to pet overpopulation. It is the actual key that helps to change the attitude with regard to homeless animals. Legislation becomes the tool that helps make certain human responsibility for the overpopulation issue that has been created. There must be proper legislation that promotes humane and productive techniques of control of the animal population. The legislation should support severe ramifications for people who intend to persist on to cause more trouble and add to the overpopulation issue. Appropriately prepared licensing laws that provide with incentives to people who help to neuter and spay animals should be brought into existence. People need to educate themselves and their communities so as to use the policies and laws to put into practice the alterations that are required to bring to an end the phase of homeless animal breeding. Also, additionally, people must take care of the homeless animals and never them to be targets of brutal and aggressive people present in today’s society, just because they are not possessed by anyone. In addition to the below general information about stray cats, I've also written these helpful articles:

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How Many Stray Cats are in the United States

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