How to Kill Foxes with Poison

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How To Kill A Fox
Foxes are animals that can be a real pest whether they are found in rural or suburban areas, and the solution that many people will want is to kill the fox so that it doesn’t return to their area. Foxes are known for rooting through garbage and for making a lot of noise during the night time in urban areas, and this nuisance certainly makes them unwelcome neighbors for many people. In rural areas they are known to prey on domesticated animals such as lambs and chickens, and the loss and cost of these animals can be a real problem.

Hunting Foxes
Fox hunting is a sport in some other countries, but most people who hunt foxes in the United States will do so using a rifle. This is only really applicable in rural areas where there is no chance of someone being in the vicinity of the shot, and shouldn’t be used as a potential solution in urban areas. The important thing when shooting foxes is to be a very good shot, as an injured fox can be unpredictable and dangerous, and it is vital to kill the fox with one shot. The problem with hunting foxes in this method is that it is very time consuming, and hiring a professional can be very expensive.

Trapping A Fox
Another way to kill a fox is to use a lethal trap, and most of these traps will be of the body grip variety which will crush the body of the fox. Another type of lethal trap is the snare, but this tends to be used by people of the older generation or those who will have learned the method from their elders. The problem with these types of traps is that they will have to be baited with meat, and this will often be just as likely to attract cats and dogs as it is to attract a fox, so positioning is vital.

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Fox Poison
Poison is an answer that many people will think of, but this really is the worst way to kill a fox. The poison will usually take a long time to take effect, and will give the fox a long and lingering death. During this period the animal will be almost crazed with pain, and is likely to become extremely unpredictable. Another problem with using poison is that it is difficult to tell where the fox will die, and the carcass can often attract animals that are an even bigger pest than the fox was.

The Real Solution To A Fox Problem
One of the main reasons why killing a fox isn’t a good idea is that foxes are territorial, and while you may kill one animal, another fox will soon take over the territory. The real solution to the fox problem is to make the area an unappealing place for the fox to be. This can include steps like killing other pests like mice and rats that the fox might hunt for food. Steps like keeping garbage in a shed can also help to reduce the number of foxes coming to your yard or garden.

Foxes are animals that will usually avoid any contact with people if at all possible, and by making sure that there is very little food for the fox in the area, they will often start hunting elsewhere. If you are having repeated problems with foxes in your garden or yard, then erecting a wire mesh fence will often be enough to deter the fox, although it is worth embedding this around twelve inches in the ground so that the fox can’t dig underneath the fence.

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