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How To Trap A Fox
The fox is an animal that can be especially problematic when it lives in urban areas, especially because they find most of their food by scavenging through the garbage left by humans. In the countryside foxes can be effective hunters, but when clawing through garbage bags yields such rich pickings, the need to hunt is reduced. There are some species of foxes that have been domesticated, but the majority that will be encountered in the towns and cities will be feral red foxes.

What Options For Trapping Are Available?
There are lethal and live traps available, and the right one to choose will depend on the situation and what you are actually looking to achieve. The most popular live traps are the cage traps which will encourage the fox to enter, and once the animal steps on the trigger panel the door will close behind it trapping the fox until the trapper returns to the cage. These are very effective, but they do leave the problem of what to do with the fox once it has been trapped. Although these traps will only catch one fox at the time, because they are generally solitary animals with their own territory, this isn’t too much of a problem.

The alternative to the live trap is the trap that can kill the fox. For this type of product the commonest trap is a simple snare. The snare is a wire loop attached to a fixed position that will need to be placed to ensure that the fox walks through the loop, causing the wire to tighten around the neck of the animal and killing it quickly and humanely. The problem with using a lethal trap is that it will have to be placed in a position where it will only catch a fox, because nobody wants to have to explain to a neighbor that they have accidentally killed their pet.

The Right Bait And Location For The Trap
Choosing suitable bait for foxes is fairly straightforward, because they are scavengers that will eat almost anything. Most people will find that meat or fish will usually successfully attract the fox to the trap, and if this is a little old and has started to smell then this is likely to be particularly good bait. Some people will swear by certain types of meat such as rabbit, mackerel or pigeon, but for those novice trappers who are trapping a fox for the first time, any meat to be found in the house will be sufficient.

For the animals to be a pest, they will probably be returning to your garden a number of times, so looking for signs of the animal around the edges of your garden is a good place to start. They will not relish crossing open territory, so they will usually stay to the areas where there is the most cover. Snares should be placed in the hole or gap where the fox will enter the property, while those using cage traps should place them in the natural path of the fox.

Handling And Removing A Fox
It is worth bearing in mind that some states will have regulations about releasing foxes into the wild, and in these areas they may have to be euthanized, or be given to a state official to release. Moving foxes is problematic, as wherever they are released they will often go into the territory of another fox which can cause conflict.

Foxes can deliver a nasty bite, and they are known to carry diseases and parasites that are unpleasant if transferred to humans. This is why you should avoid any contact if possible, and ensure you wear protective clothing that will prevent any bite from breaking the skin.

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