How to Kill Groundhogs with Poison and Other Methods

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The Groundhog is an animal that has an important part to play in American culture, and the associations in the media image of the groundhog are generally quite favorable. However, when you find a groundhog has taken up residence in your garden or in a cavity under a part of your home then the impression isn’t half as good, and it is understandable to want to get rid of the animal. The instinct of many people will actually be to try and kill the groundhog, and while this is a natural reaction in some instances, it can often be more difficult and more frustrating than simply killing the animal.

Lethal Traps
Probably the most common way that many people will use to kill a groundhog is to use a lethal trap, and these will usually have to be positioned at one or more of the exits from the burrow that the groundhog is using. Identifying the right tunnel to install the trap is one fairly difficult problem that many people will have using this method. It can also be quite a cruel way to kill the groundhog, as they will not always die quickly.

Poisoning A Groundhog
Groundhogs that have moved into a garden or yard will often be active in the garden regularly, so setting the poison is fairly straightforward. There are a number of different problems that arise for people who are using poison to kill a groundhog, but one of the major ones is that it is difficult to place the poison accurately so that no animals apart from the groundhog can get to it. If the groundhog subsequently dies within the burrow, then it can often be difficult to find the carcass in order to deal with it, and the smell from this can often attract other pest animals.

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Shooting A Groundhog
Killing groundhogs isn’t always straightforward, but one way that some people in rural areas will use is to try and shoot the animal. This is really only an option for people who have good marksmanship skills, and it is worth noting that it is vital to be able to kill the animal with one shot. A wounded groundhog can be even more unpredictable and aggressive than a healthy groundhog, and this can be dangerous to pets or children if they come into contact with a groundhog that has been injured by shooting.

Dealing With The Carcass
Before you kill a groundhog it is worth checking your local laws, as there are often regulations about which animals you can kill and how you can kill them. There are also some laws about what you do with the carcass, as many animals such as the groundhog are prone to carrying a number of diseases. For this reason, solutions which don’t involve killing the groundhog is often simpler and easier for many people.

Alternatives To Killing A Groundhog
There are a number of different reasons that people will want to look at the alternatives to killing groundhogs, and one of the main reasons is that killing the groundhog is only a temporary solution. Where one groundhog has made its home, it is likely that others will follow. A more permanent solution to the groundhog problem will involve securing the garden or yard so that they can’t get in, and to make the garden or yard a less attractive place for groundhogs.

Exclusion fencing is often not the most attractive thing to have around a garden or yard, but there are many ways in which this can be disguised. It is also worth ensuring that any holes or cavities beneath the property are sealed up with wire mesh, as a cavity beneath a property can often be a welcoming sight to a groundhog looking for a new home.

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