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What are some problems caused by groundhog digging?

Groundhogs can be quite a nuisance especially because of the nature of burrows that they dig; generally groundhogs may cause:
  • Great damage to the crops especially when they dig under the crops which lead to destruction of the roots.
  • The burrow holes and dirt mounds that interfere with the operation of several types of equipment used on the farm
  • Burrow holes which can pose threat to livestock and other farm animals.
Extensive damages is usually caused by their digging habits in that they usually make burrows that are very large especially in areas where are habituated by human beings. Apart from damaging agricultural crops, these burrows can tamper with the original foundation of buildings, the burrows can sink any farm equipment and animals may stumble upon the holes and dens dug by groundhogs and they may end up being injured.

Did you know that groundhogs prefer digging their burrows against certain structures that provide them with the required stability? This makes it easier for you to determine whether there is a groundhog in your yard. Apart from causing destructions via digging, groundhogs will also gnaw on absolutely anything; in most cases, they usually gnaw on underground electric cables in the name of sharpening their teeth and claws which end up causing electrical problems.

It is important to get rid of the groundhog problem before they cause extensive damages to your property;
  • Removal of groundhogs
The key factor that helps get rid of these nuisance animals is by completely getting rid of their sources of food. At times, it may be challenging to completely do away with their sources of food because they are herbivorous that are very diverse.

The most effective technique is by trapping and removing them; there are several traps that you can use to get rid of groundhogs provided that you place the traps at their main entrance points. It is easier to identify their main entry points because you will always come across large mounds of dirt near their main entrances.

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Baiting the traps is also important because it helps to easily lure the animal into the trap, once everything is in place; you have to frequently check on the trap so that you immediately relocate the animal once it is trapped.

The other alternative of removing these animals is by seeking help from the experts; the wildlife experts will use the most appropriate tools to ensure that the animal is safely captured and later on relocated away from your home.

To avoid recurring issues, you can install permanent barriers that will prevent these animals from getting into your property. You also have to get rid of their trails to prevent other groundhogs from being attracted to your property.

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