The Soundless Barrier

Most people hate rodents. Rats, mice, and other outdoor rodents are so problematic that people spend lots of money just to get rid of them. Unless you are one of those unusual pet lovers, rodents just don’t qualify as your typical pet.

You don’t want them inside your house and nowhere outside either. Did you know that groundhogs are considered rodents? Although they normally don’t live inside anyone’s home, they do live on your property. They are the “outside” rodents. Making your home their home and your food their food. If you don’t mind sharing, it’s not a problem. I bet, though, that you do mind.

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Just like the ones on the inside of your home, they are going to look for food and find it in your garden. They are a common problem for some property owners. Shooing them with a broom won’t help, because they are much bigger than the average house mice. Other measures must be taken. Trying to handle these groundhogs may be more difficult than handling the rodents that end up inside your home. They are difficult to get rid of, but not impossible.

There are manufactures that sell products to help relieve your problem. One such product is high pitch sound deterrent machines. The claim is that they are user friendly and environmentally safe deterrent that is used to remove groundhogs. It is advertised in such a manner that is attractive, because compared to other repellants, it’s not messy or poisonous. Although, there are some household pets may become bothered by them as well.

They are sold with the intention that it makes such an annoying sound that any rodent won’t be able to tolerate it, leaving them to scurry away. It’s supposed to confuse, irritate, and intimidate the groundhogs. These sounds are at such a high frequency that human beings won’t hear it. According to the EPA they are not proven to be effective. Unfortunately, manufactures don’t have to prove their product works. Moreover, rodents can adjust to sounds that are repetitive to them, thus making them adaptable to the sound waves.

Sorry folks. I know that most people would like this environmentally safe approach, but no can do. The best alternative that has been researched is doing just what you may not want to do. You would have to trap them in a cage and very well deal with their disposal. There are companies that would be glad to do it for you, so there is no need to have the headache of doing yourself. These cages are designed with intent to trap and secure them until disposal. Make sure that it can withstand an angry groundhog, for no animal wants to be trapped and caged. As you can see, it’s not an impossible task to get rid of them. You just have to use the right equipment for the job, and that’s not a sound deterrent.

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