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Do Groundhogs Prefer Living in Urban or Wild Areas?

To answer this question, we must first discuss what considerations a groundhog has to make before picking a habitat. For almost all living things, availability of food is very important when choosing a habitat. Groundhogs are no different, since they are herbivorous, they will live near places with green plants especially herbs. While most people would expect the place of choice after this consideration to be in the wild rather than urban places, groundhogs view it differently. For one, choosing a wild location on the bases of how plenty the food is will mean confining themselves to the same types of plants for many days. This will also mean having to compete with other similar herbivorous over food, and this is a fight a groundhog will lose since they only feed on the soft parts of plants like shoots. However, living in the urban areas on the other hand means that the groundhog can have multiple types of meals. For example, flower gardens and fruits are very attractive sources of food for groundhogs. In a town, it would mean that there is minimal presence of larger herbivorous and thus lower competition for food. In this case, the urban areas win in terms of popularity.

The next important consideration is the location of their habitat. It is a fact that all animals live near their sources of food and this also applies to groundhogs. However, the availability of a place to build a habitat is an important factor that determines where groundhogs will live. In the wild, the animals could live in holes abandoned by other animals, but this would mean that they would have to search for a long time before finding abandoned burrows, or risk meeting with predators and other enemies in their search. However, when it comes to urban areas, human beings are always abandoning boxes, leaving open trenches or even abandoning entire houses. This means that these are readily available habitats and they are plenty when it comes to town areas. As such, hedgehogs would prefer urban areas.

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How to prevent raccoons from pooping in my swool It should be noted that the points discussed above are not the only factors that determine where a groundhog lives, but they are the most important. Also, the fact that living in urban areas seems to be more advantageous does not mean that groundhogs cannot live the wild. In fact, there is a big population of groundhogs in the wild but this is mainly because there are few population limitations in the wild. For example, there are few people who will report having seen a groundhog in the wild, as opposed to the many people that are willing to call animal control when they see a groundhog in their homestead. It is important to note that groundhogs prefer living in urban areas than in the world, but there are still many groundhogs in the wild as there are in urban areas. Go back to the How to get rid of groundhogs home page.

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