Are opossum dangerous to cats, dogs or other pets?

Most of us who will give our best to keep our pets safe are always on caution. So we must be informed about every possible menace that lurks. We all know opossum are representatives of wild life, and such as they can harm our pets. For start let us tell you how they look so you can recognize one when encounter it. They are small size animals, mostly cat size. Color of their fur is grey; nose is pointed and pink just like their feet and tail. Their motion is slow and when in dangerous situation, because of their slowness, they will fall into a shock state so you get the picture when someone says he is playing possum.

This animal is gentle and never attacks first and you can tell for sure that opossum prefers to avoid conflict. When it comes for food they mostly eat rodents, various insects, snail and others small animal and beside this they like to eat fruit which is over ripe, grasses, berries, corn, eggs which they find on ground and occasionally snakes. All this show that they will pay us a visit just because of food. They will eat your pet’s food together with human garbage. Opossum might remind you of rodents and first you come up with when thinking of it is that they might transmit disease to your pets. We all know that some mammals can transmit rabies and endanger your pets on that way, but opossums are resistant to this transmitted disease. But they are carriers of various diseases which opossums transmit to your pet throughout bite. After all they are wildlife representative and must be treated likewise.

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The best prevention is to keep them away from your premises by closing the windows and door when not at home. On this way you will prevent any possible bad situation when it comes to your pets. At the end, they are wild animals with survival instinct like most of the other living creatures and if you ban them from food access you helped your pet the most. If they are feeling like in danger they might become aggressive. If they see food in your hands they may grab it from you and if you are not so luck opossum might user their very sharp claws and cut part of your hand. As you can see, opossum can be more dangerous to humans than for pets.

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