Gently holding an Evening Bat

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Catching A Baby Evening Bat - I know that the bat I am holding in the picture is not the prettiest thing to look at, and that the close-up is not helpful in developing any favorable feelings for it either. This one is actually a baby evening bat, which I found in the house. Its original breeding place was the attic of the house, but somehow it fell through the walls and ended up making an entry into the house, where it gave the residents quite a scare. Although I had the experience of handling other animals’ babies while at work, this was the first time I was handling a baby bat.

On the first look, I too was a little unimpressed by how tiny and bony the baby looked. That was quite unlike other animals I have come across where the babies are a prettier sight than adults. Bats, however, are apparently late bloomers and do not become lookers until they are well grown up. And it is just a matter of opinion. Some people flinch at their sight even when they are in their adulthood and at the prettiest stage of their lives. Anyways, this baby kind of grew on me because the moment I found it, it kind of developed a clingy bond with me and just would not let go. It probably mistook me for his mommy.

I had actually got rid of its mommy a day early by catching her and letting her fly out of the attic. That day I could not find the baby bat and thought that was it, until it made an appearance in the house. Since this one had not started flying on its own till then, the only way to save it was to put it at the entry point of the attic and hope that the mother would come to retrieve it.