Bats flying inside an attic

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Bats In The Attic - A lot of times I come across people who ask me how they can trap bats inside their attics. All I can do is to laugh at how naïve their question is. See bat trapping is not like exterminating cockroaches that you can just spray the magic formula and trap each one of them. In fact, even with my experience of dealing with different types of animals, it took me two whole years to get my training for bat removal out of enclosed spaces.

Once and for all, I think it is better that I reply to this question, and the answer is that you should never think about trapping a bat. In fact, it is something that has been prohibited by Bat Conservation International (yes, there is such an organization), which has a strict rule about killing an entire bat colony. So, you would want to be extremely cautious when handling a bat situation and it would actually be wise of you if you leave this job to the pro, instead of thinking about pulling it off DIY.

Instead of jeopardizing yourself and your home’s surrounding, as well as the safety of the bats, you should pick up the phone and call an animal removal expert who has experience in bat removal. The method I use to get rid of bats from inside the attic is by sealing all the entry points with one-way exclusion equipment. This allows the bats to make an effort to fly off but not return back inside. This is just the basic description. What it also requires is detailed knowledge of bat habits, their flying patterns, prior experience and the building’s own structure.