Juvenile raccoon removed from attic

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Raccoon In The Attic - No, this is not an evil spirit and no, I am not an evil spirit removal expert either. This, my friends, is what a raccoon looks like when camera flash is pointed directly at its eye. Talking about what is actually happening in the picture, this was a classic raccoon in the attic story. It started with a mother who wanted a safe and warm shelter for her little kids where they would be protected from the weather and any other threats to their lives. That is genius from a raccoon’s perspective but it is obvious that the people to whom the attic belonged noticed that there is something going on in the attic.

The fact that the raccoon was in the attic was the owner’s fault in the first place, since they did not pay attention to the holes and entry points that years of wear and tear had made in their attic walls. After their receiving a call from them, it was business as usual for me. If you are wondering about my Tyvek suit and mask, these are part of the precautionary measures you have to take when out on a raccoon catching mission. The mask protects you from getting exposed to diseases like roundworm, which can be caused by raccoons, and it prevents you from inhaling the insulation too. The suit is also needed so that it does not come in contact with your skin and cause any diseases or allergies.

I quickly got hold of the raccoon kids, one of whom you can see in the picture. After putting them in the back trap, I waited for the mother to come back from her outing and join her kids in the trap. The waiting took some time but I finally accomplished my mission and then made sure that all the mess created by the raccoons, especially their droppings, is thoroughly cleaned up. I finished the job by making sure all the possible entry points were repaired and closed to avoid further such episodes from happening. And then it was time for home sweet home.