A raccoon breaking into a roof and attic

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A Raccoon Caught Red-Handed - This is probably the perfect way of showing that raccoons are barely scared of humans. In fact, the one you see in the picture is looking at me directly in the eye, before entering the hole it created in someone’s roof. Now this is what you call confidence! Anyways, this is a pretty common sight when you go out catching raccoons as they love to create holes in soffits to find a cool spot for themselves and the kids, in order to keep out from the typically warm Florida weather. The raccoon you see here was about to return inside the soffit when it was caught in action.

If you see a raccoon finding a safe spot and re-enter it, it is a clear signal that there are some little ones up there as well. Having come across numerous raccoon cases in the past, I have removed quite a few of them from the soffits. I would have needed to keep an ear out for raccoon sounds inside the soffit, but since this mama raccoon led me right to the entry point, my work got easy. All I needed was to follow where she went and get hold of the entire family of critters.

With the mother around, however, the job was not easy so I had to divide it into two parts. At first, I waited for the mother to go out again so that I could get hold of the kids (four of them) with the help of a back trap. Then, using the kids as bait, I waited for the mother to walk into the trap. Since the waiting is the most time consuming part, I decided to wait till the next day to catch mommy raccoon, and I successfully did!

To round the job off, I made sure that the hole created in the soffit by these uninvited freeloaders is also repaired and bolted tightly so that no other animal can re-enter the place.