A Yellow Rat Snake removed from an attic

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The Day I Caught A Yellow Rat Snake Family - If you ever find snakes in your attic, you can almost always be sure that it will turn out to be a yellow rat snake. These are among the most commonly found snakes in Florida and I have come across quite a few of these as part of my work. The snake I am holding in the picture is also a yellow rat snake, characterized by its yellow or sometimes mustard colored patterns with shades of brown. Hence, the word ‘yellow’ in its name. They are counted among the largest snakes here in Florida, with their lengths sometimes reaching 6 feet.

Anyways, coming to the story, I found this snake in thriving and surviving in someone’s attic. Of course, to an average man it does not matter what species the snake living in his attic is and whether it is even poisonous or not. A snake is a snake and needs to be removed right away. What’s more about this snake is that not only did it move into the attic by itself, it also laid eggs in there and as a result, there were 18 baby snakes crawling in the attic along with their mommy. As you can judge by the name, the adult snake must have found a refuge in the attic because she smelled rodents and thought it would be the perfect place to find food.

To complete this job, it took me a whole one month and different snake trapping techniques. The final count came to 19, including mama snake which I am holding in my hand. This variety of snake is considered to be harmless and is also not venomous like the corn snake. In fact, it is the best snake to have on your property because it will clean all the rodents out too. After catching this family of snakes, I dropped them all off to the wildlife conservation from where they would be transferred to their natural habitat.