A Corn Snake is safe to hold by hand

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The Corny Story Of A Corn Snake - What is the similarity between corn dogs and corn snakes? Nothing, except that they both have the word corn in their name, and the funny thing is that while corn dogs have nothing to do with dogs, corn snakes do not bear any resemblance with corn either. They just get this name because long ago farmers would use them to clear their corn harvest of rodents and other pests. Corn snakes are a harmless variety of snakes and are not poisonous at all. In fact, with the red and orange patterns on their skin, they are among the most beautiful snake species I have seen.

People usually assume that corn snakes have a poisonous exterior since there are many other colorful species of animal whose camouflage colors can be poisonous to touch. Corn snakes, however, pose no such threat and as you can see me holding one in the picture, there is no harm in holding them with your bare hands. In fact, when I was called to remove a corn snake from someone’s house, all I had to do was to scoop it gently in my hand. That is the only secret to handling corn snakes, who are harmless other than any situation that they feel threatened in.

The only time I have seen a corn snake bite a man was when the man got carried away while playing around with one and started giving it a wild spin. In retaliation, the snake ended up biting him. So, it is a pretty give and take relationship between corn snake and you, and the gentler you are with it, the more docile it will be with you. As a matter of fact, these are the most popular snakes to be kept as pets and fare quite well in captivity. Anyways, after catching this one, I just kept it in a box and handed it over to the wildlife conservation people.