Several squirrels caught in cage traps

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A Squirrel Fest - There is one thing as being caught in a squirrel situation, but what do you do when you have a bunch of them prancing around in your attic? Of course, the most obvious answer is that you call me, or someone who has a similar job as mine if you live somewhere far from where I do. The picture that you see here is not complete. I was holding two more cages than you see here, making it a total of 5 squirrels I caught that day. And I caught them all from a house’s attic right here in Florida.

The owner had told me on phone that they could hear some scratching and squeaking noises coming from their attic. Much like raccoons, the reason why squirrels look for a secluded place like attic is to raise a family. In all likelihood, an expectant mother squirrel must have entered the attic with the intention of settling down there and start her clan. Needless to say that she was successful in doing that and kept them from being noticed until they were grown enough to be considered adult squirrels.

Baiting the squirrels is not much of a challenge as they easily get attracted to nuts and seeds. The ideal trap for this kind of job is cage trap since squirrels cannot cut their way through it. Since there were around 5 of them in this house, it took me a while to catch them all but I eventually did. The next most important thing to do was to find the place where these squirrels entered from and seal it shut to avoid future animal intervention episodes.

As for this family of squirrels, I just let them free in the wild where I knew they will all live happily ever after in some hollow tree.