Five squirrels caught in one repeater trap

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Squirrels In The Soffit - I once received a call from a homeowner who told me he could hear squirrels creating havoc in his ceiling. My immediate thought was that the squirrels are somewhere in his attic, but as it turned out, he did not have an attic. In fact, the squirrels had found an entry point through a chimney pipe and had made their way into the soffit, which was now their new home. From the homeowner’s description, there were several squirrels in the house, which meant that the situation must have started with the mother squirrel entering the ceiling space and giving birth to her babies there.

By the time the residents found out about the babies, they were already full grown. Anyways, I had to come up with something improvised to make sure that I catch all of them in one go. I came up with the idea of a repeater cage trap by tying one end of a steel mesh all around the entry point in the chimney flu and attaching the other end with a one-way door trap. I left this arrangement set up overnight and came back the next day to find out that my plan had been successful. The squirrel kids entered the trap lured by the bait I had set up for them.

Since mother dear was out on her daily field trip when I set up the trap, I had to place additional traps for her and caught her too. I then removed the mesh arrangement from the chimney and made sure that the entry point was properly sealed. There were no complaints of squirrel squeaks from the owners after that.

As for the squirrels, I took them to a wildlife preserve where I knew they would be safe and could enjoy living in their natural habitat. This was definitely one of my most memorable jobs because it gave me a chance to come up with something innovative on the spot.