Will squirrels kill mice, rats or birds

Normally squirrels do not kill mice, rats or birds, however, they are fond of eating foods that are fed to birds or leftovers from feeding containers of birds. Squirrels do not naturally eat other animals , but they may be driven into killing them when they are hungry or just for sports. Squirrels are not omnivorous, and for this reason they rarely eat flesh, but they prefer to consume fruits and vegetables especially those that grow on trees , gardens and in vegetations.

When it comes to eating, Squirrels are selective in nature, they prefer ripened fruits to unripen ones and they also prefer catching their own fruits fresh than eating the fallen ones. Squirrels have been found to eat small birds, especially newly born ones, however, it is quite difficult for them to catch and kill flying adult birds. Squirrels are known to attack bird nests, especially those that are located on trees , and they do so when the mother birds are not around . since baby birds are helpless and don’t have wings to fly, they are vulnerable to tree squirrels.

Squirrels normally don’t attack rats and mice, and the reason being that most rats and mice are normally active during the night. Rats and mice are very quick to run back to their nests , when they spot danger and that even makes it more difficult for squirrels to catch them. Though squirrels have been found to attach young mice and rats that occasionally stray outside of their nests, but such attacks are not as common as attacks on small birds.

While ground squirrels often hind behind garbage cans to watch their prey from afar, tree squirrels have sharp vision that allow them to watch small birds, mice and rats from the top of trees and then pounce on such animals at the appropriate time. When squirrels catch up with your rats, and mice, they often use their claws to grab them to ensure that they do not run away as fast as they can.

When squirrels kill mice, rats or birds, they do so mostly for sports and not for consumption, however, they may eat parts of the animals when they are extremely hungry and have run out of stock for nuts, seeds and fruits. Squirrels have sharp vision alongside perfectly develop claws and an ever-growing dental structure that make it easier to catch and devour their prey.

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