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How to Kill Voles with Poison

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How To Kill A Vole
Voles are small rodents that are often mistaken for other animals, but the small stature of these animals shouldn’t hide the fact that they can be an absolute pain if they find their way into a well manicured lawn. Voles dig extensive burrows and tunnels under the soil, and when these collapse the once flat and pristine lawn can become a pitted and rutted part of the garden or yard. Because of their size and color they are often mistaken for mice, and those who see the tunnels may think they are moles, but the combination of damage to plants and grasses and the signs of tunnels should indicate that voles are the problem.

Don’t Use Poison
When people find that they have a rodent infestation in their yard or garden, one of the first instincts will often be to place poison out to try and kill these pests, but this isn’t a wise move. One problem of placing poison out to try and kill voles is that it’s very difficult to ensure that it is the voles that you will be killing, rather than another animal that has happened to stray into your yard or garden. Another problem is that voles will often be quite numerous, and in order to kill off the entire population it will often require leaving out an awful lot of poison in order to achieve this.

Another problem with using poison is that it can also leave a lot of carcasses, and these carcasses will often attract animals that feed on carrion, which can be even more unpleasant than the voles themselves.

Lethal Traps
The majority of professional wildlife control experts that are asked to kill the voles in a garden will usually opt for the use of traps, with snap traps the same as those which are used to trap mice. These are usually placed near the entrance to one of the many tunnels that the voles will have in the yard or garden, and bait such as peanut butter often helps to make the trap successful. The problem with traps such as these is that voles usually live in large groups, and using traps isn’t necessarily the quickest way to deal with the problem.

Alternative Methods To Dealing With A Vole Problem
Voles are a big pest that can cause a great deal of damage, but the problem with extermination is that it is often the most expensive option for those who are trying to solve the problem. This is why getting them to leave the yard or garden of their own volition is a much better approach, and there are a number of ways to do this.

One method of getting rid of voles which has had some success is the straightforward introduction of a cat into the yard or garden. These predators are among the best hunters of rodents available, but the scent of a cat will often be enough to drive the voles to start searching for safer places elsewhere. There are some people who will advocate trying to stop up all the holes that the voles have created, but this is an option that rarely yields success. Another option if you find the voles in the area soon after they’ve arrived is to use a repellent. The problem in most situations is that by the time people have noticed the infestation, the burrow and population are already quite large. Repellent can often be hit and miss in whether it succeeds, and it will rarely work with an established population.

For most pests live trapping and relocation can work, but with voles the work involved for such a large population will rarely be practical.

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