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Vole Trapping - How To Trap

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How To Trap A Vole
Voles are rodents that are very similar to mice, and the trapping techniques for catching voles will be very similar to those used to catch mice. The habits and traits of voles will often make people that they have another pest, as they will use tunnels and burrows in a similar way to moles and gophers. They can also make their way into a domestic home and will leave many of the tell tale signs that people would expect from having a mouse in the property. Because vole mortality is particularly high, people can often experience a boom in vole population when these prodigious breeders find a particularly welcoming environment.

Choosing Your Vole Trapping Solution
There aren’t any products that have been specifically designed to catch voles, so most people will use one of the live traps or lethal traps that are available to catch mice. In terms of the lethal traps that are available, the traditional mouse ‘snap’ trap will often be just as effective in dealing with voles. There are also glue traps, which are frowned upon by many professionals because they can leave the animal to suffer for some time before it dies, and there are also electrocution traps that will kill the voles almost immediately.

In terms of the live traps that are available, these will usually be cage traps with some designed to catch individual animals while the majority will be able to trap a number of voles in the same cage. This is especially relevant because voles will often be a part of a quickly growing population, and there may be a number of them in the area at the same time. With any live trap it is vital that the traps are checked regularly, at least once very 24 hours if not more often so that any trapped animals can be dealt with quickly and so that they do not suffer excessively.

How To Locate A Vole Trap And What Bait To Use
Voles will usually live in burrows below the ground, and looking for the tell tale holes in the ground will be necessary in order to find out where the voles are coming out. Placing traps around these entrances will often be effective, but it is worth bearing in mind that voles will usually use burrows that have multiple exit and entry points. This means that you may want to use a number of different traps around the various holes that you can find.

In terms of baiting your traps, there are a number of different foods that can be used. Items such as bread and butter, seeds and nuts can often prove to be very successful, and many people will also swear by the use of a mix of peanut butter and oatmeal to catch a vole. It is also worth noting that gumdrops have also proved to be a popular bait.

Handling And Moving Trapped Voles
Although the voles will be small and cute animals, they are still rodents and can have small and sharp teeth that will bite through the skin. This is why most people will keep the contact with the animals to a minimum, and will wear protective gloves when handling the voles.

Voles are to be found across much of the North American continent, and for those who are planning to trap and release the animals, it is best to release them at least five miles away from your property. Some states will have limitations on the trapping and releasing of wild animals, and it is also worth bearing in mind that releasing the voles too close to other homes or an agricultural area can simply be passing the problem on to someone else.

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