About the green anole

The green anole is a type of small lizard that is indigenous to the southern region of USA. The green anole is among a lizard species known as Anolis. The beauty of the green anole makes it a popular pet in the USA. The green anole has an emerald green or lime coat. The green anole also has a pinkish dewlap. The dewlap is used to differentiate male green anoles from the females. The males have an accentuated dewlap while the females’ dewlap is notably decreased.

The green anole feeds on insects. Their favorite preys are grasshoppers and spiders. Being insect feeders means that they are good pets. Green anoles are friendly little lizards. They do not mind being fed by human beings. The reptile is suitable for upcoming reptile collectors. However, before you decide to buy this lizard as a pet, understand it requires a great deal of care.

As mentioned earlier, green anoles are exclusive to the USA. They are common in Carolina and Georgia. Green anoles live in trees, though, they can be found in many other places. You should not be surprised to find a green anole in urban areas. They like basking in the sun, so it is common to spot them on rooftops and walls.

Green anoles are small. The male can grow up to 8 inches. The female is smaller than the males; they hardly exceed 6 inches. The green anole has a long tail; the tail is half of the anole’s length. The triangular head has colossal eye sockets. The green anole is very light for its length. The slender body is good for its habitat as it can maneuver through the vegetation quickly.

The green anole does only lives for three years. However, the green anoles kept as pets can live up to 7 years. The conditions of the cages they are put in are more conducive to survival than the wilderness.

The green anole can change color. The ability to change color has earned it the nickname “American chameleon”. However, the green anole does not have a perfect color changing mechanisms like the chameleons’. The color change depends on the moods, the humidity, and the health.

Green anoles should be handled with care. These little animals are fragile. Make them more comfortable by allowing them to perch on your hand or shoulder rather than holding them in your fist. As much as they can be tamed they have wild instincts. Newly acquired green anoles should be allowed about a month before they can be handled. Always wash hands with antiseptic soap after interaction with a green anole.

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