Do wild animals in an attic damage insulation? How?

Many home owners could not believe that the presence of wild animals in their house can actually damage some parts of the constructions. When wildlife inhabits your attic or insulation, they are making the area as their home – which means the nest, urinate and make it a comfortable space for them. This explains why many services offer restoration for attics or insulation. It is necessary for a house to be clear and clean from wildlife before they bring further damage and mess things up.

Animals in an attic cause problems such as:

  • Pooping and urinating inside the insulation
  • Food debris due to the nesting
  • Odor gets stink as many wildlife members settle there
  • Mold and bacteria growth as the place gets contaminated
  • Parasites and roundworms
  • The scent that attracts other wildlife

The problem is mild when you finally find out before they spread. However, for old house that has never been touched by humans would have a lot of mess inside, especially the attics.

Addressing the problem requires decontaminating and cleaning the area – which sometimes include restoring the building. Some professional equipment might be involved because the mold has to be eliminated using biohazard stuffs. Neglecting the problem for too long can cause expensive and intensive restoration rather than cheap process.

It is important to clean the mess in your attic using several steps:

Vacuum the poops

Animal drops whether it’s small or large may be removed by hands but when there are thousands of them in the attic, it gets pretty hassle to do it. On many surfaces, the drops get dried and these need to be vacuumed. However, when the area is already covered with mess, then the insulation has to be replaced because vacuum won’t do the job.


After the removal of droppings is done, it is time to fog the attic to remove any wastes. There are grease and oils, not to mention the thick debris that allow mold to grow. Fogging eliminates the scent that actually invites other wildlife to come in.

An expert of wildlife removal usually equips themselves with biohazard suits so they may do the work in full hygiene condition. If your attic is not used, you may want to install attic blocking system to maintain a clean space without neglecting the safety.

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